Searching the inner images in painting

As a visual artist I use my work to explore the unconscious and the universal symbols




My art speaks about the psychology of mental symbols. I’ve always been interested in psychology, anthropology, sociology and mysticism of different cultures. Any way to express the internal archetypes, through images, is a window to study the collective unconsciousness and ourselves. Painting, illustration and other visual techniques are a perfect way to capture them.

As a visual artist I´m interested about the present mix of cultures, the globalization, the people and the world where we live. In my art I speak, under my own perspective, about what all humans share at many levels, searching for the common things and appreciating our differences, seeking also the universal symbolism and its new expresions.

I’m influenced by the tradicional painting, illustration, comic and street art. My favorite techniques are acrylic on wood and watercolor and ink on paper, but I’m a multidisciplinary artist and I use very different techniques.




Art is the door to the unconscious

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Often the hands will solve a mystery that the intellect has struggled with in vain

                                                                                                                  Carl Jung

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