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About me

Blanca de la torre – Painter & illustrator


My work talks about archetypal images and inner development through self-analysis and working with painting.

The mental landscapes that I create serve as a reflection of my own internal psychology, acting as a window to study my personal, cultural and collective unconscious, using the analysis of the symbology that appears in my different creative stages.

I have a strong interest in analytical psychology, anthropology, sociology, the current union of cultures and the development of contemporary trends, elements that I reflect and mix eclectically in my works, along with themes that deal with the society in which we live or from experiences and feelings from my personal life.

My stylistic influences are closely linked to traditional painting and drawing, digital art, comics, video games and street art.

The techniques that most predominate in my work are acrylic, spray, ink and digital painting.



I was born in Valencia (Spain), the city where I graduated in Fine Arts from the “Facultad San Carlos”, of the “Polytechnic University of Valencia”. It was also here where I began to exhibit and participate in artistic events, more than 15 years ago, something that I have not stopped doing to this day.

Some of my exhibitions or interventions have taken place at: The Tomás y Valiente Art Center – CEART (Fuenlabrada), 21st Century Museum – Zapadores Ciudad del Arte (Madrid), Lope de Vega Cultural Center (Madrid), La Tabacalera (Madrid) ), the Sanctuary of the Virgen de la Fuente (Teruel), The Forest Art Center (Edinburgh) or the Centre del Carme (Valencia), among others. In addition, I have participated in festivals such as: Pinta Malasaña (Madrid), Benimaclet conFusión Festival (Valencia) or the Biennial of Anonymous Artists (Terrateig).



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